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Dates: 23/11/2001 - 01/12/2001

Location: Harbour Theatre

by PP Cranney

presented by Roo Theatre

Martin Sam Reid
Lisa Gemma Parsons
Nikki Sally Evans
Jeff Adam Parks
Lisa's Brother Christopher Hoban
Director/Lighting Brendan McDonall
Design John Senczuk



It is a joy when expectations are exceeded. This certainly was the case with Roo Theatre’s production of PP Cranney's Sh’larba. An excellent cast, a solid script supported by an equally solid production team made for a thoroughly entertaining evening of youth theatre. 
Successfully unpretentious with a touch of the spectacular, the director showed a refined use of space and dramatic control. The opening of the show was amazing, a whirlwind of movement and sound, as the actors captivated the attention of the audience. Wheeling a wooden box the size of a room, a band of vampires, hissing and clawing at the audience and air, slipped around one another like snakes in a pit. A hunch back made his way through the melee, sat at a piano and moved the energy level into a fever pitch. The box opened to show fang clad Sam Reid, who we would get to know as Martin, the misunderstood boy who’s parents had just moved to Sh’larba. ... 
Brendon McDonall directed with a postmodern flare. Not afraid to break the momentum of a narrative script using colloquial language, Brendon gave the show’s artistic theme many unexpected turns. ... Overall, it was pleasing to see youth theatre alive and well at the Roo Theatre. ... Use of space within a simple, yet effective set was maximised and always well balanced. The play itself topical and engaging, particularly for a youth market. A worth while experience. 

     Arne Sjostedt