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Reedy River


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Dates: 01/11/1986 - 20/11/1986

Location: Q Theatre, Penrith

by Dick Diamond

presented by Q Theatre, Penrigh


Dixon Steve Shaw
Alf Ben Gabriel
Widegoweera Joe Jack Youens
Thomo Duncan Wass
Nuggett Rob Thomas
Dave David Dehugard
Irish Alan Brel
Snowy Jamie Roden
Joe Collins Ken Radley
Mary Helen Buday
Brodie George Leppard
Glover Greg Stone
Old Bob Ben Gabriel
Rose Fiona Press
Miss Andrews Karin mainwaring
Kate Kathryn Chalker
Eldely Character George Leppard
Jim Steve Shaw
Directors Jenny West
  Ben Gabriel
Musical Director Greg Stone
Design John Senczuk
Choreographer Mariette Rups Donnelly
Lighting David Palmer