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Middle Kingdom Ballroom

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Middle Kingdom Ballroom

Dates: 11/11/1986 - 30/11/1986

Location: The Rocks Theatre

by John Senczuk
from Yensoon Tsai's translations from the Mandarin
with original music by Matthew Perry

presented by ATYP 

Goddess of Mercy Virginia Gillard
God of Kindness Sean Travers
The Outsider Elizabeth Bell
Chih Ni Josephine MacRae
Jade Emperor Andrew Marshall
Sun God Daniel Davies
Moon Goddess Gai Le Roy
Sun God, God of Wind James Armstrong
Moon Goddesss, Empress Wang Amy Longhurst
Sun God, God of Lightening Peer Vroom
Mood Goddess Kristin Whitfield
Sun God, God of Thunder Daniel Avis
Moon Goddess/Shi Chair Aimee Gleeson
Sun God, God of Wave Bruce Boram
Moon Goddess Antonia Kidman
Ma/Kwang Yin Rosie Fisher
Pa Clinton Reynoilds
Willow Alison Kirwan
Sparro Leaora Bell
Yin Yu John Markovic
Nu Lang Brian Cutts
Tien Po Adam Blaiklock
Cupid Liam McGrath
Director Collettte Rayment
Design John Senczuk
Composer Matthew Perry
Choreographer Mark Furneaux
Lighting Kate Davey



From Yensoon Tsai's translation from the Mandarin, John Sencuk has taken five fairytales in order to point out the difference beetween mortal and divine and the difficulty in finding a middle ground. ... very little of the magic has been lost by setting the story in an old-fashioned dance hall. The Gods, in black tie and tails and stunning ballgowns are the professional elite as they tango and waltz, while the mortals in drab modern dress and school uniform are depicted as amateurs. In the true tradition of fairytales, however, love and understanding conquer all and the way in which 23 young performers from SNW's oldes and largest youth theatre, move, sing and act their way around the small but cleverly designed space it is in itself a small miracle. Young audiences will love the colour and movement and older people will appreciate the underlying seriousness of the tales.
     Ailsa Carpenter, The Sydney Morning Herald

... by the best of criterion of children's theatre - the audience reaction - the aim of the ATYP to make theatre 'as available, accessible and enjoyed by as many children as possible' is being fulfilled. John Senczuk has woven five fairy tales from the Mandarin into a play with plot and sub-plots and set it in a modern dance hall - the middle kingdom where mortals and the gods meet. ... Senczuk sticks to the eternal themse of fairytales, star-crossed love stories and the conflict of good and evil, and translates them in terms understandable to a young audience. The nine-year olds surring me certainly enjoyed a very visual production ...
     Sun Herald