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Debbie Reynolds with Peter Davies & Madge


Jess, Julia, Allyce & Ann Adlem

Paul Peacock & Chrystal de Grussa

Costume design (Wedding Dress) for Debbie Reynolds

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Dates: 25/01/2008 - 02/02/2008

Location: His Majesty's Theatre

by James Montgomery, Harry Lerney & Joseph McCarthy

 presented by Peach Productions


Irene O'Dare Chrystal de Grussa
Mrs O'Dare Debbie Reynolds
Donal Marshall III Paul Peacock
Mrs Marshall Ann Adlem
Miss Clarkson Tess Hurst
Ozzie Babson Thomas Papathanassiou
Marcel Wave Nathaniel Jobe
Plate de Jour Adam Rennie
Helen Anna Tsirigotis
Jane Joanna Murphy
Jimmy Stuart Fisher
Company Jess Chiapolino
  Julia Grenda
  Anthony Pepe
  Allyce Martins
  Shai Yammanee
Director/Designer John Senczuk
Musical Director Tim Cunniffe
Choreographer Jenny Lynnd
Lighting Design John Davey
Sound Design Alan Thompson


All the elements that spell success come together in this highly entertaining and very funny homegrown production. ... Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, who at the age of 75 delivers a performance that is as funny as it is superbly timed and ad libbed, full of mischievous intent - mostly at her own expense. It is jsut about worth going to Irene for that experience alone, but there are plenty of laughs, romance and uproarious adventure from the rest of the case, who seem to have benefitted from Reynolds' star presence. ... Irene is a delight from start to finish ... the lasting impression is that while this show premiered in 1919, its treatment of romance and ambition, social pretension and class snobbery, fashion and falsehood, remains fresh and relevant today. It's the best musical this year by far.
     Ron Banks, The West Australian

Director and designer John Senczuk has assembled a superb cast. The fabulously costumed action takes place around a small, strong orchestra, which takes centre stage. ... pure joy. Whipsmart and witty, Ms Reynolds puts 60 years experience into a wickedly funny role ... Irene is a good old fashioned musical of ambition, snobbery and love and this outstanding cast brings it to life with wonderful singing, fabulous dancing and joyful comedy. It is a theatrical gem.
     Sarah McNeill, The Post

A standing ovation said it all at the Opening night of Irene ... Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds won everyone's hearts in teh role of Mrs O'Dare, along with a fabulous cast of West Australian talent.
     The West Australian