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Grant Fraser: Five Griffin Plays


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Grant Fraser: Five Griffin Plays

Dates: 08/08/2019 - 31/01/2020

Location: Sydney

Grant Fraser: Five Griffin Plays
Introduction by Colin Schumacher - Esson Press (2019)



Love and the Single Teenager: or, Ten Variations on Romance and Reality (1981)
Cheap Thrills (1982)
Street Level (1983)
Summertime Blues (1984)
Backbeat (1988)

Playwright Grant Fraser’s early writing career was synonymous with the evolution of the evolving theatrical style and audacity of the fledgling Griffin Theatre Company; his plays built the brand encouraging a young and vibrant audience.
From the break-out success of his debut production at the Stables in 1981 - Love and the Single Teenager - a new ‘ Grant Fraser play’ was an annual fixture to launch the Company’s season (a highlight of the Festival of Sydney). Sun-Herald Theatre Critic Mick Barnes championed Grant Fraser as ‘Sydney’s chronicler of teenage love’ who had ‘his finger on the responses of teenagers to each other and to their parents.’
This anthology of five plays - their first time in print - represents his work over the first ten years of the Griffin Theatre Company, and so redolent of the Company and its culture at this time.