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Beauty Case

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Beauty Case

Dates: 01/01/2012 - 31/12/2018

Location: Play

a new play by John Senczuk

History reports that Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein, doyennes of international beauty empires, never spoke to each other in person. Beauty Case, a new play by John Senczuk, proposes an apocryphal meeting between the two women, in the Spring of 1939 in Paris, brokered by Ardens’s newly acquired Sales Manager, Harry Johnson. Having just been poached from Rubinstein, he knew intimately the foibles of both women and the structure and scope of their companies, and on the eve of a major conflict in Europe, he recognizes three significant threats to both organizations that he believed could only be averted by the two women – and their conglomerates – coming together for a mutually beneficial alliance: firstly, the threat to the supply of raw materials from Europe to facilitate their factories world wide; secondly, the precariously nature of a ‘beauty industry’ at a time of political upheaval; and thirdly, the growing popularity and expansion of Charles Revson and Revlon. Even after a few months, his relationship with Arden had become ‘awkward’ – she disliked his initiative and authority – so when he evolved this audacious proposition, he reasoned that he ultimately had very little to lose but everyone had much to gain.