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When Dad Married Fury


Jay Walsh, Ali van Reeken, Richard Mellick & Alinta Carroll

Edgar Metcalfe

Set Model

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When Dad Married Fury

Dates: 22/07/2011 - 21/08/2011

Location: Metcalfe Playhouse

David Williamson's


Presented by Janus Entertainment

Alan Urquhard Edgar Metcalfe
Fury Corinne Davies
Ben Jay Walsh
Laura Alinta Carroll
Adele Lauren Lloyd-Williams
Ian Richard Mellick
Sue Alison van Reeken
Sonya Casey Edwards
Director/Designer John Senczuk
Costume Designer Penny Mazzucchelli
Lighting Trent Suidgeest
 Stage Manager Sue Wilkes



Love him or loathe him - and there are plenty in each camp - David Williamson's ability to generate the pleasurable sensation of recognition for his audience has kept him at the forefront of Australia's playwrights for 40 years. … As you'd expect, there's plenty of local interest and issues of the day in the mix. … The whole affair was managed by director and designer John Senczuk in a front-and-centre declamatory style that … allowed the text a clearly audible reading in a new theatre space whose acoustics will prove a challenge for actors and directors.
     David Zampatti, The West Australian

‘When Dad married Fury’ is the latest play by Australia’s most accomplished dramatist, David Williamson. WA has been given the privilege of having this Williamson World Premiere for the opening of the new Metcalfe Playhouse … Williamson’s story is full of twists and turns as the richly developed – and VERY different – characters reveal the depths of their true personalities. I thought the quirky and delightful storyline was going to be another ‘Mother and Son’ episode, but these relationships are much more complicated, and splendidly observed; then when all of the relatives speak out, Hell breaks loose. Williamson hasn’t pulled any punches when raising delicate social issues, but does so in a most light-hearted way though still making you gasp with despair at the attitudes. In turn, the characters all manage to rub us up the wrong way, as their greed increases with fear. I am sure we all have similar relatives. When a person dies, the vultures appear.
The set design (John Senczuk) was simple but effective, with a dramatic graph of the financial index on the rear wall and the floor. This set, with just a few props, satisfactorily covered all of the play’s locations. The perfectly thought-out costumes by Penny Mazzucchelli quickly established the characters. With the entire cast on stage for most of the play, director John Senczuk had a challenge to keep up the interest and action, and not to simply have a line of talking statues. The cast moved very well, and when certain topics were raised the subtle reactions and resultant movements spoke volumes. …This most enjoyable first offering at the Metcalfe Theatre, will be recalled fondly years from now. With several exciting seasons ahead, may your box office tills always be full.

     Gordon The Optom, Theatre Australia

Perth played host to a landmark event in Australian theatre on Saturday night with the World Premiere of David Williamson’s freshly penned play When Dad Married Fury. With the award winning playwright in the audience and the theatre’s namesake (veteran actor, director and writer Edgar Metcalfe) taking centre stage, the Metcalfe Playhouse was officially opened. … When Dad Married Fury follows the provocative, and brashly Australian, Williamson style. 2011 marks the 40 year anniversary of the stage debut of his first play The Removalists. The iconic dramatist has gone on to produce plays that are read, studied and performed widely across Australia and internationally, finding engagement with audiences through topics of religion, politics and sexuality. Williamson has found no need to shy away from controversial opinions and his characters often embrace broad opinions designed for argument and discussion. When Dad Married Fury follows this pattern, with each character having their own platform. … Williamson uses his extremist characters, like the fundamentally Christian Fury to generate controversial dialogue. The clashes between family members, partners and friends have proved to be a winning formula for the successful playwright and When Dad Married Fury is no exception. The experienced and talented cast did a tremendous job with the new script, and the inclusion of local references garnered some knowing titters from the crowd.
Congratulations to Janus Entertainment … the cast, crew and all involved in the launch of the Metcalfe Playhouse. In a city which is crying out for venues suitable to small professional production companies, this truly is an important venture to support the Arts in WA as well as nurture local talent, giving them an opportunity to learn, develop and exhibit themselves locally.

     Julia Hern, Australian Stage On Line

IN AN impressive coup, Perth's newest theatre venue flung open its doors on Saturday night for the world premiere of David Williamson's latest play When Dad Married Fury. … John Senczuk, the brains behind the new Metcalfe Playhouse in Northbridge's refurbished IMAX cinema, managed to secure the rights to Williamson's play after working with the acclaimed dramatist on previous productions. And it was only fitting that local theatre veteran Edgar Metcalfe should steal the show in the inaugural production at the venue named in his honour.
    Jay Hanna, The Sunday Times

This production is notable for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s a darned good show. It’s also the premiere of a new opus from David Williamson, arguably Australia’s leading playwright, and it’s the first production to grace the boards of the Metcalfe Playhouse in Northbridge, Perth.
When Dad Married Fury is a highly topical play. It centres on the Global Financial Crisis and the corporate greed that was its main trigger. It is unpretentious in that it does not try to offer solutions or delve deeply into the ramifications from a universal perspective: rather, it personalises the issues that have arisen from the GFC and gives us a lot of smiles, quite a few chuckles and the occasional belly laugh at the foibles of human nature.
… Director/designer John Senczuk, Artistic Director of the Metcalf Playhouse, is to be congratulated, not only on acquiring a brand-new Williamson play, but also on skilfully casting it and getting it onto the stage within a couple of months of its leaving the playwright’s hands. He has drawn the best from his actors, too – funny as the play is, the cast also brought out the nuances of character that allowed us to see the many and varied ways people react to stress, and the various quirks of character that give us our individual outlooks on matters of importance. One person’s wrong is another’s right, and the reasoning behind people’s stances on the issues that beset us all vary enormously, even when they hold the same opinion about the issues in question. This investigation of motives lends the play a deeper dimension and adds meat to the bones of the characters.
Senczuk has a knack for getting the best out of his actors, and this crew did not disappoint. They are all well-schooled, talented thespians, but Edgar Metcalf towered over them all, artistically speaking. He is an inspiration to younger actors on the Perth scene. … When Dad Married Fury is one of the funniest plays to hit Perth for a long time. Do see it if you can – and as for you eastern staters, you’ll just have to nag your local rep into acquiring it! Or, of course, fly over to Perth and see it at the Metcalfe.

     Carol Flavell Neist, ArtsHub

Audience Feedback

Would not miss the experience. A touch of class! Congrats to the Metcalfe Playhouse. I loved the opening show: When Dad Met Fury. We need more Melbourne style theatre venues and the Metcalfe fills the gap. It goes hand in hand with our new state theatre. At last Perth seems to be on the move. ... Dare to be different in a sea of conservatism.
Dr Carole Peters

... thank you for ... When Dad Married Fury. We enjoyed the engaging production of David Williamson’s clever, witty script. The new Metcalfe Playhouse is a wonderful find and I am looking forward to attending again in the near future.
Dianne Hough 


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