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Dates: 08/01/1998 - 21/02/1998

Location: Ensemble Theatre

by David Williamson

presented by Ensemble Theatre

Robert King David Webb
John Alderston Glenn Hazeldine
Director Sandra Bates
Designer John Senczuk
Lighting Martin Kinnane


Sandra Bates' direction and John Senczuk's design are perfectly yoked in service of the play ... williamson's fans won't be disappointed.
     Colin Rose, Sydney Morning Herald

There has been some re-writing for this production, the best of which is reflected in a highly effective set by John Senczuk. Its central image - a collection of flickering images, really, on video monitors that show the security arrangements outside Bob's fortress sanctuary - becomes a metaphor for both the enquiring eye of the media and the fact that sanctuary has become a prison. It also solves a problem in the original script, as it literally locks John and Bob in during a crucial part of the action to pursue their experiment to a conclusion.
     John McCallum, The Australian

Sanctuary is a taut, precisely crafted play that sustains its drama until the last, chocking moment. ... a monument to fortified luxury and assiduous good taste (designer John Senczuk) ... a forceful production.
     Pamela Payne, Sun-Herald