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King Lear


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King Lear

Dates: 30/05/1991 - 08/06/1991

Location: Blackfriars Theatre, The Wharf

by William Shakespeare

presented by Sydney Theatre Company & DSI

King Lear Ron Haddrick
Goneril Steven Vidler
Regan Jamie Jackson
Cordelia Angelo d'Angelo
King of France Marcus Graham
Duke of Burgundy Simon Alridge
Duke of Cornwall John Derum
Duke of Albany Patrick Dickson
Earl of Kent Duncan Wass
Earl of Gloucester Vic Rooney
Edgar Andrew McFarlane
Edmund Luciano Martucci
Fool Angelo d'Angelo
Oswakd David McCubbin
Curan Simon Alridge
Messenger Rick Baker
Physician Simon Arlidge
Staged by Wayne Harrison
  Philip Parsons
  John Senczuk


The ideal way to watch Shakespeare's King Lear, the way teh Bard meant it to be. Get along to the Wharf, shout, stamp and cheer and enjoy some of the most exciting theatre in town.
     Paul LePetit, Sunday Telegraph

This is King Lear without pedantry or directorial flourish, staged, as far as possible, according to Elizabethan conventions and conditions. it's a fast-paced, engrossing story, a theatrical even that relies for its impact on three interactive components: Shakespeare's text, a company of 14 actors and an audience.
     Pamela Payne, Sydney Morning Herald

Lear becomes demystified and in the balance of teh play most other characters become vital and more exciting in the great tragic edifice. Means must be found to allow this experiment between the Sydney Theatre company and Dramaturgical Services Inc to continue exploring, explaining, exciting and delighting.
     Frank Gauntlett, Telegraph Mirror

Following the resounding success of this company's Henry IV Part One, presented mor or less as it might have been on tour in Shakespeare's time, they've done it again with a thoroughly entertaining Lear. ... The whole ambience, style and spirit of the presentation .... engenders a relaxed audience approach. ... Recommended without reservation.
 Peter Morrison, The Australian Jewish news

The collaborative troika behind this King Lear once again demonstrates the potentially liberating effects of dispensing with elaborate production values and making the text uppermost. ... a clarity of storyline and a charged simplicity emerged as the paramount virtues of this production
Rosemary Neill, The Australian

They hiss, they boo, they cheer and stamp. It is the ideal way to watch Shakespeare's King Lear, the way the Bard meant it to be. On the bare boards of the special stage built at the Wharf, the players throw themselves with gusto into the tagedy of the old king and his ambitious daughters. This remarkably effective production sees Ron Haddrick as Lear - a boisterous no frills Lear who does not overwhelm the play. ... Get along to the Wharf, shout, stamp and cheers and enjoy some of the most exciting theatre in town.
     The Sunday Telegraph