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Prophesying backwards


Aaron Milsom as Jock

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Prophesying backwards

Dates: 22/10/1993 - 30/10/1993

Location: FCA & Stables Theatre

by John Senczuk
adapted from the novel by Penelope Nelson

Presented by the Faculty of Creative Arts, UOW

Denise Shannon Brewer
Ralston Blanshard Adam Kronenberg
Maggie O'Mara Susan Kyle
Sister Eugenie Dane Susann Hardgrave
Len David Haydon
Carolyn Ventura Susan McKendry
Stephanie Ann Bailey
Hendo Adam P Boxx
Farthingale Evan Higgins
Diana Myers Aex MacIntosh
Sigrid Larson Simone Laurie
Jessie See Susan Kyle
Gertrude Ann Bailey
Graham Evan Higgins
Een Talbot Rebecca Lowe
Daphne Tabot Alex MacIntosh
Judith Sefton Susan McKendry
Dorrie Morrison Susan Hardgrave
Bill Morrison Adam Kronenberg
Hamish Talbot Adam Kronenberg
Alfred Jenkins Adam P Boxx
Jock McAlpine Aaron Milsom
Dr Quilter Adam P Boxx
Mrs Miriam Jarvis Lucy Egger
Sergeant Nolan David Haydon
Mr Teece Evan Higgins
Sergeant Poole Adam Kronberg
Young Doctor Adam P Boxx
Nurse  Lucy Egger
Director Jeff Kevin
Assistant Director Matthew Lazarus-Hall
Design  Kara Butterfield
Lighting Cherie Gray
Sound Karl Shead


Read the script of Prophesying Backwards 


Denise, a studen in the swinging '60s, delves into the past of her suffragette reformer grandmother, Sigrid, who in her day had a policy on hot breakfasts ('Why should the children of the poor go to school too hungry to learn?'), and is now, in her anecdotage, the wealthy widow of a Federation politician. The young Sigrid leaps from the pages of the letters and her own memories into vibrant life, an able woman, trapped in convention, and feeling as if her 'skin doesn't fit' disturbed by the injustice she sees around her and hoping, one day, to meet 'someone who would know what could be done about hatred'.