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Summer Rain



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Dates: 02/11/1983 - 20/11/1983

Location: Parade Theatre

by Nick Enright and Terence Clarke

presented by NIDA - World Premiere

Harold Slocum Ritchie Singer
Ruby Slcum Karen Vickery
Joy Laroche Julie Haseler
Belle Pargeter Lyn Pierse
Cecil Pargeter Dean Carey
Gene Daniels Todd Boyce
Ilona Helen Buday
Smacker Hayes Dean Nottle
Peg Hartigan Merridy Eastman
Cathy McKenna Tracey Higginson
Beth Townsend Annie Murtagh
Barry Doyle Greg Stone
Mich Hartigan Paul Keane
Clarrie Nugent Greg Saunders
Jamie Townsend Andrew Lloyde
Peter Bannister Steven Vidler
Rosie Dunn Fiona Press
Director Gale Edwards
Musical Director Terence Clarke
Designer John Senczuk
Lighting Ian McGrath
Choreography Keith Bain


... new graduate Joh Senczuk has solve the considerable design problems of 15 scene changes with bold and colorful ingenuity, almost enveloping his audience in the world of Turnabout [sic] Creek.
     Brian Hoad, The Bulletin