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SCENE STEALERS: Scenography in Australia 1788-2018

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SCENE STEALERS: Scenography in Australia 1788-2018

Dates: 01/06/2012 - 01/06/2018

Location: Book

Scene Stealers: Scenography in Australia 1788-2018

by John Senczuk

Foreword by Michael Scott-Mitchell

Publisher: Currency House, 2018

In the absence of any significant British or American study on the subject, Scene Stealers is the first comprehensive analysis of the history and impact of scenography in the Western tradition. Exploring the relationship between text, theatre architecture, convention, aesthetics (visual and performing arts) and society; the monograph argues the unique antipodean experience as one of ‘larrickinism’ and rebellion, highlighting the scenographer’s influence as a consistent artistic liberator to prevailing theatrical methodologies; its influence internationally is now ubiquitous in both theatre and film.

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Cover image: John Hennings (1833-1898), Australia's first great scenographer, arrived in Melbounre on his twentieth birthday in 1853 obtaining his first engagement at the Queen's Theatre, painting the settings for that year's pantomime.