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Alone It Stands


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Dates: 17/07/2002 - 04/11/2003

Location: Drama Theatre & National Tour

by John Breen

Presented by Ross Mollison

Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House; Playhouse, South Bank; The Playhosue, Canberra; Theatre Royal, Sydney; IMB Theatre, Wollongong; Casino Showroom, Auckland, NZ

Ensemble Rupert Cox
Scott Johnson
  Travis McMahon
  Susan Prior
  Damian Rice
  Steve Rodgers
Director Wayne Harrison
Designer John Senczuk
Lighting Martin Kinnane


For its comedy and craft, Alone It Stands proves a winner - a play as charming as it is ballsy.
     Frank Gauntlett

Alone It Stands is a high energy, high camp show. Even if you're not in the mood for a play it grabs you in with its sheer exuberance ...
Paul Osuch, The Blurb