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A Coward in Vegas


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A Coward in Vegas

Dates: 15/08/2007 - 25/08/2007

Location: Old Mill Theatre

By John Senczuk
Music by Noel Coward

Produced by Mirage Makers

Noel Coward - John Michael Swinbank
Peter Matz -  Tim Cunniffe

Director/Designer - John Senczuk


Read the script for A Coward in Vegas


Set in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, A Coward in Vegas follows Coward’s journey from written-off English playwright to international success story during his Las Vegas debut of 1955.

The play, seen through the eyes of Matz, ireveals the extraordinary set of circumstances that led to the revered and refined Englishmen’s surprising reinvention as a cabaret superstar in the world’s glitziest nightclub strip, a neon-drenched Mecca for gamblers and gangsters.

No one guesses that his career is actually on the line: he’s washed up, middle-aged, bereft and broke. Worse, he’s arrived in America without rehearsal, without an accompanist, without a show – something unthinkable for the uber-professional Coward. What was he thinking???

Coward collides with Matz in a musical and cultural clash that shows that the New World can still learn from the old – and vice versa – as they work furiously together towards opening night on stunning songs from ‘Nina from Argentina’, ‘Don’t Put Your Daughter on the Stage, Mrs Worthington’ ‘A Room With a View’ and the rarely performed ‘I like America’, finding a new dazzling style culminating in the sublime reworking of Porter’s ‘Let’s Do It’.”

Clip of Workshop production


Senczuk's script is impressive. There some beautiful t-and-from between the characters and Senczuk integrates various Coward witticisms into the script seamlessly.
     Varnya Bromilow, The West Australian