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Dates: 16/05/2002 - 20/06/2002

Location: Bridge Theatre, Seymour Centre, Riverside


by William Shakespeare

presented by Theatre South

Hamlet Andrew Crowley
Guildenstern/Fortinbras Blair Tumeth
Gertrude Barbara Stephens
Old Hamlet/Claudius Andrew James
Francisco/Laertes/Player Brendan McDonall
Rosenscrantz/Osric Alexander Manojlovic
Horatio Ben Verdon
Polonius/Gravedigger Jeff Kevin
Ophelia/Priest Katherine Thomas
Director/Designer John Senczuk
Lighting Peter Neufeld
Sound Andrew Davidson
Assistant Director Zoe Steen


Gone is the inky cloak and any pretension to a traditional setting. We are in modern Australia and Uncle Claudius is a businessman, Mummy is a cross between Cherie Blair and a Woollahra society matron, and young Hamlet looks like a spoilt philosophy student with a caffeine habit. Andrew Crowley's portrayal of Hamlet is extremely competent, although at times he turns him into a sort of disillusioned Newtown yuppie.
... Strangely, of all the aggrieved characters, Barbara Stephens's Gertrude is the best examination of a disturbed mind and soul. Her restrained and gently flinching horror at the chaos she has helped create stands out. But overall it is The Players that steal the show. With mincing males in tennis skirts and egotistical thespians with elaborately oiled hair, their exuberant overacting is intelligent and hilarious. In this vast auditorium [Seymour Centre] Theatre South's production, and director John Senczuk's set design, do well, if perhaps a little too literally, to get the point across.

     Lenny Ann Low
June 13 2002